A Brief Description of Cricket Bats

Cricket bat is the most needed accessories in cricket. The first use of bats is stated in 1624.The bats must be given proper care and proper maintenance to make it last for a longer period of time. Cricket Bats must be knocked before using it this is very necessary for any bats. The material used for bat is willow. Wood is used for making bats as it is very tough, strong and shock resistant. A cricket bat is described or well-explained with parts named as toe, blade, shoulder and handle.


According to Rules or Laws of Cricket:
The size of the bat must not be more than 965mm.
The blade portion must not exceed more than 108mm wide.
There is no proper standard set up for bat weight it is in general varies from 2lb 8oz to 3lb which weights to1.1kg to 1.4kg.
The handle is typically covered with rubber for a proper grip.

Cricket Bats today are not made with hands they are all made in machines only there are some selected people who still make with hands especially for the professionals. Earlier the shape of the bats was like the hockey sticks as they are today. The oldest bat is displayed in the Sandham room in oval which was dated 1729.

You can get different types of bats like: