Channel 9 – Sports For Men

In the year 2009, C More Entertainment launched the Danish channel, Channel 9. It focuses on catering to the male viewers in the country and has content suited for them. As per recent content reports, Channel 9 offers its viewers a whole lot of sports as well as movies, dramas and other entertainment. In 2011 however, the channel underwent a major trimming in its content size and became more oriented towards football and other sports and since then has declared itself as a football channel culminating in its new motto – Denmarks football channel – we live football. However, the channel does broadcast a few selected sports in the country. The present article focuses on a few of these sports broadcasted by Channel 9.


Denmark is a country whose people love football. Accordingly, Channel 9 has done its bit to satisfy the demand of its viewers for a lot of football. Danish SuperLiga is a club level championship of football that is broadcasted by the channel which sees the competition between twelve teams to hold aloft the winners trophy. The championship is among the few sporting events around the world that see great attendance in stadiums as well as a high viewership on TV for which Channel 9 is the exclusive broadcaster.

The Channel also broadcasts other European domestic football tournaments such as the competitive Spanish competition, La Liga, one of the most renowned leagues in the world for football in which two of the current best players are, Portugals Christiano Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid and the Argentinean Lionel Messi plays for Barcelona. The Copa del Ray is another famous Spanish league for which viewership is quite strong. The Italian football competition, Serie A is another regular on the channel. From across the English Channel, matches from the Championship are also broadcasted. Come summer this year, Denmark will also get to watch the UEFA Europa League on their favorite sports channel, Channel 9.


Wrestling is said to be a sport for men but in recent years, women too have been interested to watch the sport. Wrestling is a sport for the strong. One of the most favored wrestling themes for fighters and audiences alike has been martial arts. With many Hollywood movies extolling martial arts practitioners, many consider a martial artist the ultimate fighter. However, in recent years many have tried combining various forms of fighting styles to give the world the technique of mixed martial arts. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is very popular among Danish viewers especially with the involvement of countryman Martin Kampmann. Ultimate fighter is another program aired for 60 minutes on the channel.

Poker is a highly popular game among the men in Denmark. It probably doesnt qualify as a sport but that does not contest its popularity. High Stakes Poker is a TV game show that has seen great support from the country. It involves games of poker between participants with stakes that are really very high – even up to $ 1million in a single game!
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